Is your legacy complete?

"Will my spouse be financially stable after I am gone?"
"How do I assure every family member will be good stewards of their inheritance?"
"How can we reduce the taxes associated with passing one generations wealth to the next generation?"
"How do we know we have all the legal agreements in good order?"

A lifetime of work and achievements deserves that your legacy objectives and intentions are complete.

76% of families do not have their legacy complete.

Our coordinating process assures that your team of professionals work as one to complete your legacy and estate plan, with a simple five-step process.


Complete the simple Legacy Complete questionnaire to identify areas where your legacy may be incomplete.


Discuss your Legacy Complete blueprints with your attorney and your family to address all open items.


The Legacy Complete team will create a complete schedule for all the necessary professionals.


Follow the timeline and task list to complete your blueprint.


Revisit your Legacy Complete documentation on an annual basis and address any items that need attention.